Tantric Massage

Local Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage Chelsea is one very tiny part of a well-established philosophy of Tantra which goes back to 5th-9th century AD. It is a form of healing touch that helps to circulate your sexual energy around your entire body and this will help you to achieve sustained whole body orgasms. To help you reach the blissful state of nirvana, you will be in tune with your Massage Therapist with complete nudity, allowing an intimate deep connection with your therapist.

Some of the Tantric rituals that can be incorporated into your Chelsea Massage if you desire an authentically Tantra-inspired experience include the touching of foreheads (an intimate moment where you synchronise breathing), full body hug (total full body face to face contact), eye gazing (looking into each other’s eyes), holding hands (creating a physical pact of bonding and caring), and other intimate sensual rituals.

The followers of Tantra espouse that actively embracing physical pleasures, rather than disavowing them as in many mainstream religious practices, enhances our lives spiritually and physically. Sensual experiences are seen as a means to spiritual fulfilment and a means by which one can re-access the Universal Spirit. Tantra believes that the universe consists of an energy, this Universal Spirit. It is a common theme among different belief systems and this same energy is referred to by a variety of names: Kundalini (in Tantra), The Spirit, Chi or Ki or Qi, Sexual Energy, Universal Life Energy, Brahman, etc.

Tao-ist (Chinese philosophy) and Tantric forms of massage both see the physical aspects and pleasure as a way to augment our energy (sometimes known as qi) or spirit. Your breathing will be in synch with your nude Masseuse, your bodies intertwined and she will not lose physical contact, even for 1 minute, during the whole massage. The caressing, rubbing, teasing and rhythmic stroking will not end until you have reached the pinnacle of ecstasy and sexual desire.

Tantra is part of Indian spiritual studies, which has a considerable number of texts devoted to its teachings and practices dating back to the 5th-9th century AD. Many people often accuse Tantra of being black magic, witchcraft, voodoo or involving evil spells and curses. However, in reality, Tantra represents an enlightened Indian tradition and it represents a significant practical aspect of the Vedic heritage. This is because the spiritual attitude of the tantriks is virtually identical to that of the Vedic followers. It is often stated that Tantra is a part of the main Vedic tree and the more rigourous aspects of Vedic religion was further developed in the Tantras. In simple terms, tantriks will either worship Lord Shiva or Goddess Shakti.