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Improvement in single or regular massage, the truth does not require proof. Massage is known everywhere, he multivariate and varied. And almost all the techniques of massage to reduce the physical impact on the physical body to solve physical problems. Massage has been known since antiquity and was always regarded as part of the healing art. In the same era were born the secret teachings of touch, which is able to awaken the soul. Some of these exercises were connected with sexual energy. Tantra uses sexual energy for spiritual growth, healing and rejuvenation.

London tantric massage is an extension and continuation of the practice of pair of yoga, which is based on the teachings of the interaction of male and female sexual energy. This massage gives you the opportunity to draw attention to the richness of body sensations. And also brings extraordinary pleasure. Massage as a work of art is born in a special, meditative state of consciousness, when stopped by an internal dialogue that serves as a basis for the Great awakening Kundalini. You can not have a medical education, do not know the names of diseases that cause changes in the condition of muscles and joints, but at the same time to do something, normalizing this state.

Hands – this is not simply a mechanistic link between me and you, they also guides love, delicate and absolutely personal and individual sensation (feeling) that can not be reproduced except by the hands of masters, unique and never by anyone. Therefore, in a meditative state of mind, my hands live on their own, the mind is connected later as an assistant to the sense of touch. Give Tantric massage at the mercy of the mind, to make it a process, then consciously engaged in profanity (which is what happens in most cases, when they say: “Massage Tantric and still is and still here so …” the master does something that is not under force to apprentices or rather profanator am) . Each case victoria Tantric massage is individual and unique, this problem-and its magic.